A Bad Moms Christmas 2017 Movie

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Plot A Bad Moms Christmas (2017) Movie :


Amy, like every other mom, is stressed out about making the holiday special for her family. As she is now with Jessie and having his daughter Lori spend time with her kids Jane and Dylan, Amy just wants to keep it chill for Christmas, However, she learns that her overly critical mother Ruth is coming over for Christmas. Amy expresses her dismay to Jessie, who assures her it’ll be okay.

Meanwhile, Kiki is still totally overworked with her four kids trying to mess with the Christmas tree, but this time her husband Kent is lending a hand. Kiki is surprised when her mother Sandy shows up three days earlier than expected and is planning to spend the next three weeks with Kiki. Sandy loves Kiki so much that she wears sweaters with Kiki’s childhood face on them, embarrassing Kiki.

When Carla gets home, her mother Isis is dropped off in front of her house from a tour bus, where she starts to light up a joint. In contrast to Amy and Kiki, Carla is excited to see her mom and to spend time with her.

Amy, Kiki and Carla go to the mall where they express their misery over the holidays. They cheer themselves up by getting drunk at the food court and then going around the mall being bad moms once again, claiming they’ll take Christmas back for themselves.

Ruth plans to bring the family to the five-hour Russian production of “The Nutcracker”, which absolutely nobody is looking forward to. Amy decides to change the plan and go to Sky Zone to meet up with Kiki and Carla and their families. Ruth, Sandy and Isis all meet and chat while their daughters have fun with their kids.

At work, Carla meets a handsome guy named Ty, who says he is competing in a Sexy Santa competition and he asks Carla to be his date, which she enthusiastically accepts.

Kiki brings Sandy to Dr. Karl to discuss the fact that Sandy is overbearing and that Kiki needs her space. Sandy believes they could be even closer, but Kiki disagrees. Sandy tries to guilt-trip Kiki into telling her that she has cancer, but she drops the lie once Kiki breaks down crying. Kiki then scolds Sandy and causes her to leave.

Amy and Kiki join Carla as they attend the Sexy Santa show. All the ladies in the room are impressed with Ty’s dancing. To everyone’s surprise, Isis gets up on the bar and starts dancing with Ty. Carla runs up to get Ty back, leading to her and Isis fighting for him until Isis falls off the bar and hits the floor. When Carla brings Isis home, Isis tells her she needs money for a new investment, but Carla knows she’s just going to gamble it all away and then disappear from Carla’s life like it’s been for years.

Later on, Carla and Isis are outside a supermarket in a wealthy neighborhood pretending to collect cans for the homeless but instead blatantly grab food from the customers. Carla then decides, in the spirit of Christmas, she’s going to let Isis borrow money anyway.

On Christmas Eve, Sandy tells Kiki that she put up a cash offer for the house next door so that she can live right next to Kiki, who tells Sandy straight up that she demands her space and wants her to back off. Sandy leaves the room crying.

Amy gets mad when she finds out that Ruth invited a bunch of strangers over and threw a party against her wishes, with the house completely redone with nice decorations, a bigger tree and an ice sculpture. Amy loses it and orders everyone out of the house. Amy tells Ruth to get out of her house and her life for good. Meanwhile, Carla finds a note from Isis after she bails on her, and Kiki is all alone as well.

Ruth goes to her church for Midnight Mass and is joined by Sandy and Isis. All the ladies criticize each other for their efforts as mothers, with each of them realizing their flaws.

Hank talks to Amy over the fight, acknowledging that while Ruth can be difficult to deal with, she has always been insecure over her work as a mom toward Amy, always worrying whether or not she’s done a good enough job, but she really does love Amy.

Amy goes to the church to fix things up with Ruth. They apologize to each other and express their love for one another. Once the clock strikes midnight, Amy and Ruth rush home to fix the house and save Christmas.

On Christmas morning, Jane and Dylan go downstairs to see the house looking clean and with new decorations. At the same time, Kiki makes up with Sandy, who tells her she put the neighboring house on the market and admits that she’s just always felt lonely on Christmas since Kiki’s father died. Carla is then visited by Isis, who is officially serious about turning her life around and even has a new job at Sky Zone.

All the families get together and Ruth, Sandy and Isis announce that they have become friends and are now planning to take a trip to Las Vegas

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